Bach Flower Beech, 20ml

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Bach Flower Beech is for people who are constantly making criticisms and are intolerant of other people´s shortcomings and unable to make allowances. They find it hard to see the good in others. They have a strong sense of their own superiority, can be judgmental and arrogant and are easily irritated by other people´s mannerisms or habits. They are convinced that they are always in the right and everyone else in the wrong (see also Impatiens).
The positive potential of Bach Flower Beech is tolerance and a sense of compassion for and unity with others. The positive Bach Flower Beech person can see the good in others despite their imperfections.
Suggested Use:
Dilute two drops of Bach Flower Beech in a glass of water and sip at intervals. Replenish as necessary
For Multiple Use:
Add two drops of Bach Flower Beech to a 30ml mixing bottle (you may combine up to seven remedies in this bottle), top up with mineral water and take four drops at least four times a day.
If necessary, the Bach Original Flower Remedies can be dropped neat onto the tongue, or rubbed onto the lips, behind the ears, or on the temples and wrists.